SBER Forms

List of SBER Forms for Download

1) Please read Submission Instructions and Guidelines for help with filling in the forms.

) The forms are in Microsoft Word format.

3) Please note that all forms and guidelines are only accessible via NUS network for NUS staff and students. If you are off-campus, please connect to VPN first before accessing the the files. VPN link:  

4) With effect from 1 June 2019, researchers conducting minimal risk Social, Behavioural and Educational Research (SBER) research that qualifies for an IRB Exemption, may be reviewed by a Departmental Ethics Review Committee (DERC). Researchers requiring an urgent review are advised to consult/ channel their SBER Exemption applications to the DERCs for review. Please see our News Alerts #26 and #24, and DERC homepage.

For New Applications


Full / Expedited Review
For Approved Protocols




Protocol Amendment 
Study Status Report (for Windows users)
Study Status Report (for Mac users) 
Protocol Non-Compliance/ Deviation Form - New Download 
Guidelines on Protocol Non-Compliance/ Deviation Form - New Download 
Report of Expected/ Unexpected Events - New Download 
Guidelines on Expected/ Unexpected Events - New  Download 
List of PI and Co-Investigators


Please submit all forms to:

The Secretariat
National University of Singapore
Institutional Review Board
Clinical Research Centre (Blk MD 11)
Level 5 #05-09
10 Medical Drive
Singapore 117597


Note: Guidelines and Forms are accessible to NUS researchers only. 
For non-NUS researchers, please contact