Integrative Sustainability Solutions

We advance integrated sustainability solutions that are optimised for tropical, urban and Asian settings, including clean energy materials and systems, environmental surveillance and treatment of urban waterways, waste-to-energy conversion, seawater desalination and sustainable urban transport systems.

Research Institutes and Centres

Institutes/Centres managed under the Sustainability Research Cluster include:

Energy Studies Institute
University-level Research Institute

NUS Deltares
Research Partnership

NUS Environmental Research Institute
University-level Research Institute

Sembcorp-NUS Corporate Lab 
Corporate Laboratory

Singapore Nuclear Research and Safety Initiative
University-level Research Centre/Institute

Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore
University-level Research Institute

Other centres and institutes working towards  developing new integrated sustainability solutions for the rapidly urbanising Asia include: 

Advanced Robotics Centre 
NUS Faculty of Engineering and NUS Faculty of Science

Centre for Next Generation Logistics
NUS Faculty of Engineering,Industrial and Systems Engineering and Management

Centre for Project Management and Construction Law
NUS School of Design and Environment

Centre for Remote Imaging Sensing & Processing
University-level Research Institute/Centre

Centre for Sustainable Asian Cities 
NUS School of Design and Environment

Centre for Transportation Research 
NUS Faculty of Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Centre for Water Research
NUS Faculty of Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Global Production Networks Centre
NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Green Energy Management and Smart Grid Research Centre
NUS Faculty of Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering

NUS Centre of Excellence in BIM Integration 
NUS School of Design and Environment

NUS Flagship Green Energy Programme
NUS Faculty of Engineering

NUS-JTC Industrial Infrastructure Innovation Centre 
NUS School of Design and Environment

Singapore Centre for Environmental Life Sciences Engineering
Research Centre of Excellence (partnership with NTU)

The Logistics Institute-Asia Pacific 
University-level Research Institute

WIL@NUS Corp Lab
Corporate Laboratory

Recent research in Integrative Sustainability Solutions