15 May 2019
Speaker:Professor Lui Pao Chuen
Title: Systems, Science, Technology and Policy in Singapore
Synopsis: This seminar examines Singapore as a system and shows how Singapore addresses societal challenges through the intersection of systems thinking, science and technology and policy to bring happiness, prosperity and progress for the nation. Examples in national security, social development and economic development and the Smart Nation will be highlighted. The success of Singapore’s Smart Nation Initiative, as part of the 4th Industrial Revolution, will depend on the effective integration of policy, science and technology and people and organisations at all levels.

Speaker:Associate Professor Tham Chen Khong
Title: Sensor Networks, IoT and Edge Analytics
Synopsis: Although sensing, communication and data fusion have been incorporated into military operations, there have been rapid advances in sensor networks and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in recent years. This talk covers recent advances and practices in IoT, edge computing and AI/Machine Learning techniques in industry and explores how they can be harnessed to bring about better operational effectiveness and efficiencies in military settings.
Bio: THAM Chen Khong is an Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) of the National University of Singapore (NUS). His current research focuses on sensor network and machine learning architectures and sensor data analytics involving cyber-physical systems, wireless sensor networks, mobile cloud computing and participatory sensing. He was an early proponent of the SensorGrid architecture.

11 July 2018
Speaker:A/Prof Alexander Ling
Title: Entanglement-based QKD over metropolitan networks
Synopsis: A/Prof Alexander Ling will discuss efforts in Singapore to deploy entanglement-based QKD over metropolitan fiber networks and to extend the range by using satellites equipped with optical links. In this talk, he will explain the basics of entanglement technology, and its applications in clock synchronisation, and key distribution. He will also provide an overview of how global QKD can be achieved using satellite technology.
Bio: A/Prof Alexander Ling is a Principal Investigator at the Centre for Quantum Technologies, working on deployable entanglement technologies. He leads a research team that is working on deploying entanglement-based QKD via optical fibers and also onboard satellites and aircraft.

3 July 2018
Speaker:Professor Lui Pao Chuen
Title: Underground Development in Singapore
Synopsis: Singapore has a territory of about 1,400 sqkm, half land and half sea. Land reclamation has increased the land area by more than 20% and will continue. In 2010 the land area has passed the 700 sqkm mark and by 2030 the land area is projected to be 766 sqm. More usable space can be created with the development of space underground. The greatest use of underground space is in land transportation. Underground roads and MRT have enabled Singapore to be well connected without more land. Burying services underground has also been our solution to maximize the surface land for people and greenery. The Underground Master Plan will ensure that the potential of the underground will be optimally developed. This seminar will discuss the planning and development issues of underground space in Singapore.

22 May 2018
Speaker:Dr Lai Kin Seng
Lab Director, Applied Physics Laboratory DSO National Laboratories
Title: Introduction to High Power Laser Technology: Fundamentals and Applications
Synopsis: Since its invention more than 50 years ago, laser technology has continued to advance with the emergence of new optical materials and laser architectures. This talk will focus on the rapidly developing field of high power diode-pumped solid-state laser technology, bringing the audience from the invention of the laser through various solid-state laser architectures over the years to the latest technologies being developed today. Key characteristics and fundamentals of the laser, and selected interesting applications, including remote sensing, material processing and directed energy, will be introduced in this talk.

17 April 2018
Speaker:Dr Goh Cher Hiang
Distinguished member of Technical Staff of DSO National Labs.
Adjunct Professor in ECE Department, NUS
Title: Space
Synopsis: This seminar aims to share about our Singapore journey into access to space. This was carried out using X-Sat micro-satellite as a vehicle for the build-up of micro-satellite development capability from ground zero. The various terminology and processes involved in such space systems development would be illustrated. X-Sat micro-satellite was launched on 20 Apr 2011, about 7 years ago. Thereafter, we continued to advance space capabilities in a two-pronged approach (namely product-development path in industry and technology R & D path at universities. While pursuing this strategy, there is a transformation of space industry when disruptive technologies are being developed or actively pursued as private start-ups. This trend has continued and even accelerated and the seminar aims to create awareness of the disruptive transformation in space industry and discuss how it could affect Singapore build-up of advanced space capabilities.


29 March 2017
Speaker: Professor Lui Pao Chuen
Title: Why the slow progress in implementation of Smart Nation?
17 May 2017
Speaker:Dr Goh Cher Hiang
Distinguished member of Technical Staff of DSO National Labs.
Adjunct Professor in ECE Department, NUS
Title: Space
28 June 2017
Name: Professor Ng Hwee Tou
Designation: Department of Computer Science
Deputy Director, Temasek Defence Systems Institute
Title: Artificial Intelligence; Past, Present and Future
12 July 2017
Speaker: MG(Res.) Professor Isaac Ben-Israel
Title: Developing Disruptive Capabilities
26 July 2017
Speaker:Dr Lai Kin Seng
Head, Applied Physics Laboratory, DSO National Laboratories
Title: High Power Laser Technology: Fundamentals and Applications
1 April 2016
Speaker: Professor Lui Pao Chuen
Title: Case Studies of the Planning, Design, Implementation of Large Scale Systems in Singapore
22 April 2016
Speaker:Professor John Richardson
Title: Messages From "Global Models" About Interdependence, Sustainable Development and the Future of Our Human Species
29 June 2016
Title: Disruptive Defence Technologies in Military Operations