Course Structure (NUS-NPS)

Masters in Defence and Technology Systems (MDTS)

For more information, please download the Course Structure Booklet

Common Curriculum (Quarters 1 TO 2) at NUS
  • Large Scale Systems Engineering
  • C3 Systems
  • Operations Research
  • Sensor and Intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics
  • Guided Systems
  • Systems Design Project
  • Fundamentals of Systems Engineering
Integration Project (Quarters 3 TO 5) at NPS
Specialised Curriculum (Quarters 3 TO 6) at NPS
  • Communication Systems and Sensor Engineering Track - Electronic Warfare Focus
  • Communication Systems and Sensor Engineering Track - Radar Focus
  • Communication Systems and Network Engineering Track
  • Communication Systems and Cyber Engineering Track
  • Network Engineering and Sensor Engineering Track - Radar Focus
  • Secure Communications Track
  • Sensor Systems Engineering - General Sensors
  • Free Electron Lasers Track
  • Cyber Security and Defense (CSD) Track
  • Modelling, Virtual Environments and Simulation Track
  • Operations Research, Modelling and Simulation Track
  • Physical Oceanography Track
  • Network Science Track
  • Space Systems Engineering Track
  • Space Systems (Operations) Track
  • Systems Engineering Track
  • Systems Engineering Analysis Track <new>
  • Weapon Systems Engineering Track
  • Autonomous Systems Engineering Track <new>
Thesis Research at NPS