Curriculum at Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT)

Master of Science (Relevant Field of Specialization)

Similar to the arrangement with NPS, the specialized curriculum at AFIT also engages students to gain in-depth knowledge on a specific defence technology they choose to specialize in.

The specialization tracks offered by AFIT are conducted from Quarter 3 (Sep) to Quarter 6 (Sep of following year). Typically, it consists of 10 coursework modules and a research thesis.

Candidates who are interested to pursue their specialization at AFIT may approach TDSI for more information.

A report of GRE scores is required for Application to AFIT’s specialization tracks.  AFIT requires candidates to have GRE scores with minimum of 500(verbal) and 600 (quantitative).

Below are some specialization tracks offered at AFIT:

  • Space Systems Track
  • Aeronautical Engineering Track
  • Remote Sensing(Physics) Track
  • Operations Research Track
  • Logistics Supply Chain Management Track
  • Systems Engineering Track
  • Guidance, Navigation and Control Track
  • Electronic Warfare Technology Track
  • Remote Sensing(ECE) Track
  • Artificial Intelligence Track
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar Track
  • Computer Network Track