Graduate Programmes


TDSI graduates provide the unique qualitative edge for any defence-related organisation. They have the necessary qualities and knowledge to create, design, implement, sustain and eventually retire defence systems. A crucial quality is their ability to work together as an integrated team, within and across organisations, domains and disciplines.

Master of Defence Technology and Systems Programme

The Master of Defence Technology and Systems (MDTS) Programme is the flagship project of the Temasek Defence Systems Institute (TDSI).
The MDTS programme draws upon the synergies of two excellent institutions, namely the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the US Naval Postgraduate School (NPS).

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TDSI implements online coursework modules to complement the full-time coursework modules under its educational programmes. This approach allows for full flexibility and convenience to both teaching staff and students without having to compromise the high academic standards of the Institute's educational programmes.

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