Why the Master of Defence Technology and Systems Programme

TDSI graduates provide the unique qualitative edge for any defence-related organisation. They have the necessary qualities and knowledge to create, design, implement, sustain and eventually retire defence systems. A crucial quality is their ability to work together as an integrated team, within and across organisations, domains and disciplines.

Interactive and Conducive Learning Environment

We conduct lessons in a small-class size that is conducive for learning. We encourage students to stay well-informed by engaging in meaningful dialogues with their classmates. Students are challenged to present their arguments in a clear and concise manner and to provide well thought-out and well-integrated solutions in their numerous projects.

In TDSI, we create a stimulating learning environment that brings out the best in you so that you emerge as a well-rounded individual capable of leading and thriving in the fast changing world.

World-class Curriculum

The MDTS flagship programme is the premier dual-degree masters’ programme. Upon graduation, students are conferred one degree by National University of Singapore and the other by Naval Postgraduate School (NPS).

The 18-month programme is academically rigorous, covering a broad spectrum of defence topics. The coursework in Singapore for the first six months is structured to help you develop a helicopter vision of real-life situations. The NUS curriculum includes an in-depth study of technical information, and you get to learn first hand from industry experts who have implemented and managed large-scale systems.

Following their broad-based curriculum in Singapore, students head to Naval Postgraduate School to complete their studies focused on more operational and technical subject matter. At NPS, students deepen their knowledge base by taking courses in their chosen specialisations. Students will have abundant opportunity to work with world-class faculty on actual military and defence problems.

The ability to assess the big picture with an overarching view of military systems, combined with your superior domain knowledge will equip you to design and develop solutions that are holistic and optimal.

Multi-Disciplinary Learning

The curriculum in TDSI focuses on inculcating systems thinking in the graduates. It is designed to develop strong skills to integrate operations and technologies at the systems levels. Students experiment in an environment that induces multi-disciplinary interactions that we can expect to encounter in the real world.

Besides gaining a helicopter view of the military systems, the course also equips students with the know-how on emerging technologies and their applications during military operations. It emphasises hands-on learning through collaborative project work in multi-disciplinary teams, coached by leading military technologist and systems engineering.

In TDSI, students learn to think more critically about not just technology but also processes, organisation, and strategies for a more effective defence force.

World-Class Faculty and Global Exposure

TDSI combines the best resources of NUS and NPS to produce graduates who are well-equipped to deal with the complexity of a 21st century force.

Students learn first-hand from industry experts who have implemented and managed large-scale systems. There are abundant opportunity to work with world-class faculty on actual military and defense problems. Our lecturers from Singapore, Australia, and United States share their real-life work experiences generously and students gain from these cross-boundary perspectives. This multidisciplinary knowledge equips you to overcome complex problems and apply system-based solutions at your workplace.

Students who subscribe to the TDSI programme get the best of both a high quality military technology education and an international networking experience.

What students and faculty members think of MDTS Programme

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