TDSI Library

TDSI staff and students may loan the books listed below:

Title Copies (Available) Author Publisher
C Program Design For Engineers (2nd Edition) One Jeri R Hanly & Elliot B Koffman Addison Wesley (2001)
Differential Equations (2nd Edition) One Richard Bronson McGraw Hill (1973)
Fourier Analysis With Applications To Boundary Value Problems One Murray R Spiegel McGraw Hill (1974)
How To Program C++ (4th Edition) with CD One H M Deitel & P J Deitel Pearson Education (2003)
Introduction To Computer Science (International Edition) One Ramon A Mata-Toledo & Pauline K Cushman McGraw Hill (2000)
Introduction To Probability and Statistics (International Edition) One Seymour Lipschutz & John Schiller McGraw Hill (1999)
Linux Programming (A Beginner's Guide) One Richard Petersen Osborne/McGraw Hill (2001)
Probability, Random Variables, & Random Processes One Hwei Hsu McGraw Hill (1997)
Programming with C (International Edition) One Byron Gottfried McGraw Hill (1996)
Programming With Java (International Edition) One John R Hubbard McGraw Hill (1999)
Teach Yourself Unix (3rd Edition) One Dave Taylor SAMS (2001)
Introduction To Operations Research (7th Edition) CD Included (International Editions) Reference Hillier / Lieberman McGraw Hill (2001)
The Art of Systems Architecture (2nd Edition) Reference Mark W Maier & Eberhardt Rechtin CRC Press (2000)
Computer Security Reference Dieter Gollmann John Wiley & Sons (2000)
Introduction to Radar systems (3rd Edition) Reference Merrill I Skolnik McGraw Hill (2001)
The High-Latitude Ionosphere And Its Effects on Radio Propagation Reference R D Hunsucker and J K Hargreaves Cambridge University Press (2003)
The Fundamental Of Aircraft Combat Survivability Analysis And Design Reference Robert E Ball AIAA Education Series
Solar-Terrestrial Energy Program: Handbook Of Ionospheric Models August 1996 Reference Edited by R W Schunk Solar-Terrestrial Energy Program
Handbook on Radiopropagation Related To Satellite Communications In Tropical And Subtropical Countries1996 Reference Edited by G O Ajayi with Collaboration of S Feng, S M Radicella, B M Reddy UNESCO IAEA, International Centre for Theoretical Physics,URSI Standing Committee on Developing Countries
Fundamentals of Physics 6th Edition Reference David Halliday, Robert Resnick & Jearl Walker John Wiley & Sons, Inc ISBN 0471392243
Introduction to Electrodynamics 3rd Edition Reference David J Griffiths Prentice Hall ISBN 0139199608
The Fifth Discipline - The Art & Practice of The Learning Organization Reference Peter M. Senge Random House ISBN 0-7126-5687-1
The Machine That Changed The World - The Story of Lean Production Reference James P Womack, Daniel T Jones, and Daniel Roos HarperPerennial ISBN 0-06-097417-6
The World Is Flat Reference Thomas Friedman Penguin Books
The Brain That Changes Itself Reference Norman Doidge Penguin Books
Warfare Modeling Reference Edited by Jerome Bracken, Moshe Kress, Richard E Rosenthal Military Operations Research Society
Logistics Engineering And Management (5th Edition) Reference Benjamin S Blanchard Prentice Hall ISBN 0-13-905316-6
Advanced Level Physics (7th Edition) One Nelkon & Parker CBS Publication ISBN 81-239-0400-2
A-Level Physics-Worked Solutions 1993-2002 One Shang Hwai Yong Dyna Publisher Pte Ltd
Study Guide for Your A-Level - Physics Edition 2.0.1 One CS Toh & Thomas Cheong Step by Step Publications
Solutions to Your GCE A-Level Exams - Physics 2002 Nov Edition One CD Toh & Thomas Cheong Step by Step Publications
Physics (Topical) Worked Solutions (2003 Edition) One N.A. RedSpot Publishing
Physics MCQ With HELPs (Topical) One N.A. RedSpot Publishing
Advanced Physics (5th Edition) One Tom Duncan John Murray (Publishers) Ltd
Study Guide For Your A-Level - Mathematics Edition 2.0.1 One CS Toh & Thomas Cheong Step by Step Publications
Core Maths One L Bostock & S Chandler Nelson Thornes
Complete Advanced Level Mathematics One Andy Martin, Kevin Brown, Paul Rigby, and Simon Riley Stanley Thornes
Complete Advanced Level Mechanics One Martin Adams, June Haighton, and Jeff Trim Stanley Thornes
Low Probability Of Intercept Radar One Philip E Pace Artech House Publishers
MATLAB Simulations For Radar Systems Design One Mahafza, Bassem R, and Atef Z Elsherbeni Chapman and Hall CRC
Understanding Microwave Heating Cavities with software diskette One Tse Voon Chow Ting Chan and Howard Charles Reader Artech House Publishers
Applied Operations Research: Examples From Defense Assessment Two Shephard, Ronald William Plenum Pub Corp
Introduction To Electronic Warfare Modeling And Simulation One David L Adamy Artech House Publishers
Computer Simulation Of Aerial Target Radar Scattering, Recognition, Detection, And Tracking Two Yakov D Shirman Artech House Publishers
Radar Target Backscattering Simulation
Software And User Manual with software
One Sergery A Gorshkov, Sergery PLeschenko, Valerity M Orlendo,
Sergery Y Sedyshev and Yakov D Shirman
Artech House Publishers
Advanced Systems - Thinking, Engineering, And Management One Derek K Hitchins Artech House Publishers
Security + Guide To Network Security Fundamentals with software One Cisco Learning Institute Thomson Course Technology
Web Security For Network And Systems Administrators One David Mackey Thomson Course Technology
Advanced Engineering Mathematics Two Erwin Kreyszig John Wiley and Sons Inc
Data Abstraction And Problem Solving with Java Two Frank M Carrano and Janet J Prichard Addison Wesley
Charts For Small Craft - Singapore Strait And Adjacent Waterways [2003 Edition] One Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore
International Electronic Countermeasures Handbook [2004 Edition] One Publisher, Charles C Boyd Horizon House Publications, Inc
Process for System Architecture And Requirements Engineering Two Derek Hatley, Peter Hruschka and Imtiaz Pirbhai Dorset House Publishing
Propagation Of Radiowaves [2nd Edition] One Edited by Les Barclay The Institution of Electrical Engineers
A Handbook For EMC Testing And Measurement One David Morgan Peter Peregrinus Ltd on behalf of IEE
EW 101: A First Course In Electronic Warfare One David L Adamy Artech House Publishers
EW 102: A Second Course In Electronic Warfare One David L Adamy Artech House Publishers
Mathematical Handbook For Electrical Engineers One Sergey A Leonov and Alexander I Leonov Artech House Publishers
Radar Technology Encyclopedia CD-ROM Edition One David K Barton and Sergey A Leonov Artech House Publishers
Ionospheric Radio One Kenneth Davies Peter Peregrinus Ltd
Radio Systems, Peak Detection And Tracking One Michael O Kolawole Newnes
The High - Latitude Ionosphere And Its Effects On Radio Propagation One Hunsucker and Hargreaves Cambridge University Press
Battlefields Of The Second World War One Richard Holmes BBC Worldwide Limited
Lift Me Up - Service With A Smile One Ron Kaufman Ron Kaufman Pte Ltd
Up Your Service One Ron Kaufman Ron Kaufman Pte Ltd
Up Your Service - Great Ideas Two Ron Kaufman Ron Kaufman Pte Ltd
Up Your Service - Insights One Ron Kaufman Ron Kaufman Pte Ltd
Getting the Right Things Done One Pascal Dennis Lean Enterprise Institute
Lean Lexicon - A Graphical Glossary For Lean Thinkers One N.A. Lean Enterprise Institute
A Framework For Understanding Systems Engineering One Joseph Eli Kasser The Right Requirement Ltd
Windows Vista On Demand One Steve Johnson Perspection Inc
Requirements Engineering One Elizabeth Hull, Ken Jackson and Jeremy Dick Springer
Air & Space Power Journal [Chinese Version] Reference N.A. AU PRESS
Systems Engineering Handbook Version 2.0 [Korean Version] Reference N.A. INCOSE
IES Systems Engineering Book Of Knowledge Reference N.A. The Institution of Engineers - Singapore
Why Am I Here? One S. R. Nathan NUS - Centre for Maritime Studies
The Innovator's Dilemma One Clayton M. Christensen Harper Business School Press
The Innovator's Solution One Clayton M. Christensen Harper Business School Press
Lee Kuan Yew: Hard Truths To Keep Singapore Going One Han FK, Z Ibrahim, Chua MH, Lydia Lim, Ignatius Low, Rachel Lin and Robin Chan The Straits Times Press
Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew - The Singapore Story
Memoirs Of Lee Kuan Yew - From Third World To First
One Lee Kuan Yew Mashall Cavendish Editions & The Straits Times Press
Augustine's Laws One Norman R. Augustine AIAA
Tactical Missile Design - 2nd Edition Five Eugene Fleeman AIAA
Tactical And Strategic Missile Guidance - 5th Edition One Paul Zarchan AIAA
Make Up Your Mind One Hal Mooz John Wiley & Sons, Inc
Learning With Cases One Louise A.M-L, James A.E., and Michiel R.L. Ivey Publishing
Goh Keng Swee: A Legacy of Public Service Three Emrys Chew and Chong Guan Kwa World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd
Lead Your Life: Eight Respected Singaporeans Reflect On Leadership, Labour And Love One Warren Fernandez Straits Times Press
Goh Keng Swee: A Public Life Remembered One Edited by Barry Desker and Chong Guan Kwa World Scientific Publishing Co P L and S Rajaratnam Sch of Intl Studies with National Archives of Singapore
A Doctor In The House: The Memoirs Of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad One Mahathir Mohamad MPH Group Publishing Sdn Bhd
Close Watch: A Nation's Resolve To Secure Singapore One Ben Nadarajan Straits Times Press
The 3rd Alternative One Stephen Covey Simon and Schuster
Titan II: A History of a Cold War Missile Program One David K. Stumpf University of Arkansas Press
Living Well ... quenches thirst in life's voyage One HS Lim Trafford Publishing Singapore
Missile Guidance and Control Systems One George M. Siouris Springer-Verlag New York, Inc.
Holistic Thinking: Creating Innovative Solutions To Complex Problems One Dr Joseph Kasser The Right Requirement
A Framework for Understanding Systems Engineering One Dr Joseph Kasser The Right Requirement
Getting the Right Things Done One Pascal Dennis Lean Enterprise Institute
The Living Company One Arie De Geus Harvard Business School Press
Lean Thinking: Banish Waste and Create Wealth in Your Corporation One James P Womack and Daniel T Jones Simon and Schuster
A Practical Guide to SysML: The Systems Modeling Language One Sanford Friedenthal, Alan C. Moore and Rick Steiner The Morgan Kaufmann Omp Press
Systems Engineering with SysML/UML: Modeling, Analysis, Design One Tim Weilkiens The Morgan Kaufmann Omp Press
SysML for Systems Engineering One John Holt and Simon Perry The Institution of Engineering and Technology
The System Concept and Its Application to Engineering One Eric W. Aslaksen Springer
Product and Systems Development - A Value Approach One Stanley I. Weiss Wiley
The Systems Engineering Handbook - A Guide for System Life Cycle Processes and Activities One INCOSE SE Handbook working group China Machine Press
Systems Engineering and Analysis One Benjamin S Blanchard and Wolter J Fabrycky Pearson Education Limited
IES Systems Engineering Book of Knowledge (SEBok 3.0) One The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES)  
One Man's View Of The World One Lee Kuan Yew Straits Times Press
A Life In Pictures One Lee Kuan Yew Straits Times Press
Unmanned Rotorcraft Systems One Guowei Cai, Ben M Chen, Tong Heng Lee Springer
Product And Systems Development - A Value Approach One Stanley I. Weiss John Wiley and Sons Inc.
Singapore's Engineer-Leaders - Partnership with the Nation One Edwin Lee NUS, Faculty of Engineering
Introduction to Data Mining One Pang-Ning Tan, Michael Steinbach, Anuj Karpatne and Vipin Kumar Pearson
Artificial Intelligence - A Modern Approach One Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig Pearson