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We are Singapore’s flagship university. We hope you will be inspired by the many fascinating facets that make NUS a leading global university centred in Asia.

Getting Ready for the Future

“At NUS, we pride ourselves as being at the forefront of educational innovation and we have implemented a range of initiatives to prepare our students for the future.”

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Come discover our exciting and vibrant campus and find out why #NUSLife is invigorating and fulfilling.

Thought Leadership

Distinguished thought leaders, movers and shakers in Singapore and across the globe gather regularly on campus to share their insights and engage in intellectual discourse.


COVID-19: Updates from Singapore

The second season of the "COVID-19: Updates from Singapore" webinar series gathers the world’s leading clinicians, scientists, public health officials and policy makers to discuss the latest medical and scientific findings concerning COVID-19. The guest speaker for latest episode was Dr Peter Karim Ben Embarek, Programme Manager at the World Health Organisation.

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GameStop and the gamification of retail speculation

GameStop, a video-games retailer, has suddenly become the battleground between hedge funds and retail traders. Assistant Professor Ben Charoenwong from NUS Business School analyses the causes and ramifications of this epic tussle in the stock market.

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