Distinguished Scholar Series with Prof. George Siemens


Monday 14 December 2020 - 9:00 am -12:00 noon

As the inaugural event of this series, we are pleased to have Professor Siemens an outstanding, globally renowned scholar in the area of Learning Sciences and Analytics. He will take us through a journey covering the state of the art research on Learning Sciences & Learning Analytics and present key methodologies to conduct and evaluate scientifically sound interventions meant to improve student learning.

Prof. George Siemens is the Director of Centre for Change and Complexity in Learning (C3L), University of South Australia, and also an affiliate faculty with NUS-ALSET. He has delivered keynote addresses in more than 35 countries on the influence of technology and media on education, organizations, and society. Prof. Siemens has received numerous recognitions, citations and awards for his pioneering work in learning, technology, and connectivism theory.


Please find below the link to access the videos of the workshop and the related readings via LumiNUS (NUS only).