ALSET webinar w/ Grace LEE (NUS Psy)

2018 Student Life FASS 3-clip

The science behind happy lives: How positive psychology can empower student wellbeing

Friday 9 April 2021 - 10:00-11:00 am

Positive psychology is the study of how people thrive, optimize their strengths, and live happy lives. Aside from genes and a nurturing childhood environment, why do some students flourish while others struggle to survive the intense stress of university life? This talk provides a platform for initiating an introductory conversation about a most fundamental human endeavour, the search for happiness, and the opportunity for applying positive psychology principles to enhance wellbeing and to realize one’s real potential.

Dr Grace LEE is Adjunct Assistant Professor at the NUS Department of Psychology. She is very interested in what makes an average life better and what happens when people create for themselves the conditions to thrive. She is a social psychologist specializing in positive psychology. Her interest started in graduate school and she wrote her doctoral dissertation on subjective wellbeing (happiness). Dr Grace currently runs a consulting business in the field of positive psychology and also teaches Positive Psychology (PL4880G) and Psychology of Ageing (PL3259) at NUS. She was born in Manitoba, Canada, and grew up in Hawaii, U.S.A.

The presentation will be held online.
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(picture credits: NUS)