The learning process matter: A sequence analysis perspective of examining procrastination using learning management system

Using a Learning Management System (LMS) via sequence analysis approach, Tan Teck Kiang and Lakshminarayanan Samavedham identify four types of online learners based on their activity patterns and quantify the association between procrastinating on academic performance. The study was carried out during the Covid-19 period when all students were restricted to studying online. Their systematic analysis of students in a completely online environment can serve as a baseline for planning future online courses. The study also highlights the importance of being able to passively and reliably identify types of learners based on their online behaviours.

ALSET webinar w/ YEONG Foong May (NUS YLLSOM)


FRIDAY 25 MAR 2022

Prof Foong May will present her ongoing project on social annotation in relation to student engagement analysed using the ICAP framework.

ALSET webinar w/ Steven PAN (NUS Psy)


FRIDAY 25 FEB 2022

Steven Pan will give a talk on the role pretest and their benefits for learning during online lectures.

NUS Education Grant Writing Course


(EOI by 14 February 2022)

A joint ALSET-CDTL workshop to help NUS faculty to prepare a formal grant proposal for educational research.

ALSET webinar w/ Xing XIA (Yale-NUS)



XIng Xia investigates whether students’ major choices are sensitive to their letter grades in introductory courses

ALSET webinar w/ Paul O’Keefe (Yale-NUS)



Through a controlled field study, Paul O’Keefe assessed the benefits for students to consider their interests as developed over time.

Why students should start school later

An op-ed by Joshua Gooley (ALSET Research Theme Lead), Mike Chee (ALSET affiliated faculty) and June Lo on the impact of sleep and school time on students.

ALSET webinar w/ Dana Alzoubi (Iowa State)


FRIDAY 28 MAY 2021

Dana Alzoubi presents the human-centered approach used for the TEACHActive Dashboard.

Call for Joint Project Proposals Paris-NUS (Teaching/Education projects)


6th Call for Proposals with French Universities on collaborative teaching projects and/or education research initiatives.