ALSET Seminar with Rene Kizilcec (Cornell)

By Alex Biotteau | 15 November 2019

Towards Psychologically Inclusive Learning Environments

Friday 15 November 2019
3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Future of Adult Learning Research Symposium

By Alex Biotteau | 15 November 2019

ALSET Directors, Prof Lakshminarayanan Samavedham, Dr Patricia Chen, and Prof Min-Yen Kan, were honoured to join the task forces and curating team of the Future of Adult Learning Research Symposium organised by the Institute of Adult Learners (IAL), on 14-15 November 2019.

ALSET-CFPR seminar w/ Charles Hirschman (Washington)

By Alex Biotteau | 11 October 2019

Charles Hirschman (University of Washington) gave a very engaging seminar based on longitudinal surveys of 10,000 public and private school students.

Ace of Coders 2019

By Alex Biotteau | 9 September 2019

On 9 Sept 2019, 78 students from local secondary schools, ITEs, polytechnics and junior colleges participated in the Ace of Coders 2019 Finals Live Event.

6th Annual National Coding Championships

By NUS IT | 18 March 2019

Coming to NUS UTown on the first day of their March holidays, 100 students representing their secondary schools, ITE colleges, junior colleges and polytechnics took part in the Finals of ALSET’s 6th Annual National Coding Championships.


By NUS IT | 25 February 2019

Putting data-driven decision-making into practice, 3 teams successfully completed ALSET’s 3DM@NUS workshop on 25 February 2019 which was…

Fellow’s Tea with ALSET@NUS

By NUS IT | 20 February 2019

An evening of insightful coversation and lively activities took place as Prof Y.C. Tay hosted ALSET for Fellow’s Tea at the cosy Master’s…

From Game-based Learning to Game Creation @ Talk.js

By NUS IT | 13 February 2019

Speaking to a group of developers attending the monthly Talk.js meetup at downtown Viki Rakuten Office, Prof Boesch introduced them to ALSET…

Ace of Coders 2018: An insider’s-eye-view of an outsider

By NUS IT | 1 January 2019

It could have been yet another lazy Saturday for me, if I had not volunteered to help the Translational Team of ALSET in organising the…