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6th Tow Tiang Seng Distinguished Lecture Series - The View in Autumn

Mental health research is both science and humanities. The Mind Science Centre has explored the frontiers in basic science, epidemiology and clinical practice, in search of what constitutes mental resilience. In this seminar, we have invited two eminent colleagues - Prof Wang Gungwu and Mr Abdullah Tarmugi - to share their thoughts, perspective and values on the ecology of resilience. We can learn from their rich experiences as they traverse the long and winding road of their illustrious careers.

Online via Zoom
06 Oct 2022
1.00pm - 2.00pm
NUS Mind Science Centre
Ms Catherine Lee

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As seniors live through their golden years, active ageing is the key to maintaining a good quality of life. Engaging in active ageing requires a holistic approach, where multiple aspects like physical, mental, social and financial health come into play. Having financial security allows the seniors to have the freedom to choose how they want to spend their retirement years. Join our webinar to take the important step towards ensuring your financial health!

Prof Wang Gungwu (Arts '53)
University Professor, National University of Singapore
Emeritus Professor, Australian National University


Mr Abdullah Tarmuggi (Arts '69)
Former Speaker of Parliament

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