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Tech Talk - How Conversational AI Transforms the Way We Work

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is characterised by the role technologies play in blurring the lines between physical, digital and biological spheres. 

Our Tech Talk series explores emerging technology breakthroughs. Join us to discover more about emerging technology and how it could impact or disrupt our lives.

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Coriander, Shaw Foundation Alumni House
22 May 2019
7.30pm - 9.00pm
NUS Alumni Relations
Ms Gabriella Nyam
6516 5771

Event Details

How Conversational AI Transforms the Way We Work

Augmenting business workflows with conversational AI/Chatbot and machine learning brings unprecedented productivity gains. By removing the low value, menial, repetitive and transactional tasks, and moving the workforce to high-cognition tasks, like those that require critical and creative thinking, real value and impact is achieved. 

Find out how enterprises and organisations have witnessed conversational AI freeing up human time and reducing manual operation costs by up to 85%.

Speaker: Mr Wong Hong Ting (Science '10)

Hong Ting is the Founder and Director of Botbot.AI, an enterprise productivity solution that automates business workflows using conversational interfaces. Deep convictions of the potential that automation has in empowering productivity also led him previously to co-found 2359 Media, Asia’s leading software consultancy, with significant clientele including FOX, Samsung, Singtel and Standard Chartered.

Hong Ting’s deep expertise in productisation, fundraising, software consultancy, business strategy and data modeling has enriched his mentorship in bringing his team to create value for businesses. As an advocate of the immense potential of the solutions that result as a fusion of business strategy and technology, he actively consults with organisations and enterprises regarding digital solutions, including artificial intelligence. With a strong passion for education, entrepreneurship and empowering businesses to thrive, he hopes to translate that passion into inspiration for others to join him on this journey of creating true impact through technology.

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