About U@Live

U@live (pronounced “U-alive) was launched in January 2011 to showcase the many accomplished members of the NUS community – students, faculty and alumni. In several iterations, U@live evolved to feature prominent global speakers and spark conversations of global importance. After a one-year hiatus, the much anticipated U@live: Lifting Thought Leadership returns in a new format to position NUS as a global thought leader and ideas factory that generates revolutionary solutions to address global issues that are significant to Singapore and beyond.

Participants join us in person, or even as online viewers. The idea of the platform is to inspire the young of today – students and beyond – to believe in a cause passionately and be committed to that belief. Hence the “U” in U@live stands for both the individual and the University that encourages him and where both the individual and the University flourish and come ‘alive’ with such ideas.

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