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Logo WOW (only) To celebrate women and their achievements, NUS Alumni Relations, together with the NUS Alumni Advisory Board, presents WoW: In Conversation and WoW: Ignite. Each session features a panel of distinguished NUS alumnae who will share their experiences, achievements, and hopes with other alumni, students, and friends.

7 September 2022 - Towards a Fairer & More Inclusive Society
The first ever White Paper on Singapore Women's Development was endorsed unanimously by the Parliament on 5 April 2022. To support the continuous progress of Singapore Women and advance our nation towards a fairer and more inclusive society, the White Paper outlined 25 action plans in five key areas: Equal opportunities in the workplace, recognition and support for caregivers, protection against violence and harm, other support measures for women and mindset shifts.
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16 August 2022 - Technology and Society – Industry Outlook for 2030
The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a blueprint for people, planet, and prosperity. With only eight years to 2030, a deeper, faster, and more ambitious response is needed. This session will examine key technologies that will help accelerate digitisation and drive our efforts to deliver the UN SDGs and trends in technology that will lead us towards a socially, environmentally, and economically resilient future.
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KR2016 Logo The following webinars were ogranised as part of Kent Ridge Alumni Family Day 2022.

It Takes Guts!

What Isn't the Metaverse?
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26 July 2022 - The Future of Healthcare
The Ministry of Health recently announced the Healthier SG initiative, to manage the challenges of Singapore’s ageing population and improve health outcomes. Join us to learn how NUS will prepare health practitioners in the following areas in order to achieve Healthier SG goals:
  • Promoting health and preventing chronic illnesses;
  • Understanding the social determinants of health; and
  • Using technology and health informatics as enablers.
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 Health Wellness
7 April 2022 - Self-Care and Preventive Health – Pharmacists Share Some Tips!
Self-care is the new buzzword, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. Want to know more about prescribed medication or self-medication? Join Ms Chung Wing Lam (Science ’09) and Mr Colin Tang (Science ’14) to learn about effective medication management, and pick up tips on storage and ways to reduce the side effects of medicines. To encourage healthier living, they will also shed light on the role of the pharmacist in diabetes control, diet enhancements and smoking cessation.
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 LDOnline Trans
18 March 2022: Featuring Mr Shaun Chong (Computing ’11) - How Logistics Have Shaped the E-commerce Industry
If you shop online often, you will be familiar with delivery providers such as Ninja Van that bring your purchases to your doorstep. Shaun will share how Ninja Van has evolved into the region’s largest and fastest growing last-mile logistics company.
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14 July 2021 - Nurturing a Forward-Looking University
NUS is committed to delivering a future-ready curriculum and much is underway to ensure our graduates stay ahead of the curve and are adept to thrive in today’s fast-changing landscape. As Singapore's flagship University, how does NUS pivot to future-proof our next generation of leaders?
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