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    NUS Associate Management Programme 2021

    "Grow With Us, Make An Impact!"

NUS Associate Management Programme (AMP)

Designed for outstanding graduates, the NUS Associate Management Programme (AMP) nurtures talented young people for professional growth in Asia's leading global University. It provides a meaningful career opportunity in higher education management for bright, talented fresh graduates.

What does AMP offer you?


You will go through a 18-month
programme with job rotations to
experience the diversity of NUS.


You will work alongside experienced
administrators and be exposed
to different facets of university


You will be provided development
opportunities, mentoring
and coaching.

What are we looking for in you?


Excellent academic qualifications,
CCA records and leadership qualities
with less than two years of working experience.


Outstanding interpersonal skills,
results-driven, agile and
"can-do attitude".


Keen interest in higher education
management and the meaningful
work we do at NUS

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The NUS AMP offers one the privilege to learn about the latest developments in the higher education landscape, which undeniably gives a strong start to one who would like to venture into the industry. Trainees are given exposure to different aspects of university governance, and provided with ample learning opportunities for holistic development.

Adriel, Chang Wei Xing

I recommend this programme because it gives great exposure to different facets of a world-class educational institution – 2 rotations of six months each allows us to try different things and to understand how the university works across different departments. It also has great training and development opportunities. In my short tenure at NUS, I’ve already been to two courses supported by OHR, one on project management, and another one on personal effectiveness. I have also attended and a couple of in-house personal development sessions supported by my own department. NUS stands by its belief in the importance of education and training by ensuring that its staff are well-supported in developing themselves.

Naomi Hashimoto, Lee Sue Ling

Through this programme, we are intentionally exposed to a variety of tasks, responsibilities and courses things due to the experiential nature of the programme. One of my greatest takeaways in the programme would be experiencing a variety of events and tasks under the NUS name. I do not think that there are many roles out there that exposes you to a variety of events and programmes that span over different fields.

Aefy Raib

�As a fresh graduate, I am grateful for the opportunity to plan and execute ideas I have in mind and at the same time receive ample support and guidance from my mentor and fellow colleagues. The programme has equipped me with valuable soft and technical skills, effectively building a strong foundation in the early stages of my career.�

Ong Hui Tian

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