Adrian Michael LEE

Adrian LEE

Deputy Director and Associate Professor

Adrian LEE is Deputy Director (Professional Development) at CDTL, and his primary responsibility is overseeing professional development programmes. His interests in education are wide-ranging and include technology-enhanced learning, especially blended learning, interdisciplinary education, and student living-learning experiences. In academic development, Adrian is looking into building programmes within a collegial culture and furthering conversations that are both evidence-based and research-informed that would become part of an academic’s scholarly reflective teaching practice..


Member, ISSOTL
Member, SOTL Asia

Selected Publications and Conference Presentations


Ragupathi, K. & Lee, A. M. (2020). Beyond fairness and consistency in grading: The role of rubrics in higher education. In Higher Education, Diversity, and Inclusive Pedagogy in Asia, N. W. Gleason and C. S. Sanger (Eds.), Palgrave Macmillan: Singapore. (Book Chapter)

Conference Presentations

Goh S. S., Tan, L., Zainuddin, R., Nghia P. T., Kitana, N., Bautista, E., Chan, S., & Lee, A. M. (2019). Higher education in a disruptive landscape: The state and future of STEM education (Panel Discussion), STEM for University Educators in ASEAN, NUS, Singapore, May 24-25.

Lee, A. M. & Ragupathi, K. (2019). Beliefs into action: The transformative effect of living-learning experiences, Residential Learning Communities as a High-Impact Practice Conference, Elon University, USA, June 16-17.

Lee, A. M. (2019). Blended learning in STEM, STEM for University Educators in ASEAN, NUS, Singapore, May 24-25.

Lee, A. M. & Koh R. L. (2019). Scaffolding the learning of data analysis in a second-year physical chemistry course using individualised homework assignments, Chemistry National Meeting Singapore (ChnmSG 2019), NUS, Singapore, May 15.

Corrias, A., Fitri, Z., Hill, E. M., Lee, A. M., McMinn, S., Hiraga, J., & Zho, W. (2018). Equitable teaching and learning through group Work in flipped classrooms around the Pacific Rim, ISSOTL 2018, Bergen, Norway, October 26.

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Lee, A. M. (2016). Why flipped classroom?, 2016 XJTLU Annual Learning and Teaching Colloquium, Xi'an Jiaotong–Liverpool University, China, April 8.

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Lee, A. M. (2015). Debate panel: Flipped classroom – Is this the teaching pedagogy of the future? 3rd EduCon Asia Conference, Singapore, October 19.