Associate Director

Kiruthika RAGUPATHI is Associate Director, and has been with CDTL since 1997. She co-leads professional development programmes and oversees the centralised teaching quality instruments at NUS—student feedback and peer review. Her research work focuses on assessment, student living-learning experiences, academic development, and technology-enhanced learning.


Member, SOTL Asia

Selected Publications and Conference Presentations


McMorran, C., & Ragupathi, K. (2020) The promise and pitfalls of gradeless learning: responses to an alternative approach to grading, Journal of Further and Higher Education, Online first, June 2019, DOI: 10.1080/0309877X.2019.1619073

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Conference Presentations

Lee, A. M., & Ragupathi, K. (2019). Beliefs into action: The transformative effect of living-learning experiences, Residential Learning Communities as a High-Impact Practice Conference, Elon University, USA, June 16-17.

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