LEE Li Neng


Associate Director 


Li Neng is an Associate Director at CDTL, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Psychology, and a Fellow in the NUS Teaching Academy. A psychologist by training, he is interested in educational innovation and exploring ways to inculcate curiosity, creativity and critical thinking. He has also partnered with non-profit organizations to drive and evaluate both educational projects in several developing countries, and would love to have conversations with others on any of the above.

Selected Publications and Conference Presentations


Lee L.N. (2022). Beware the pitfalls of making lectures ‘interesting’ and focus on curiosity instead. Times Higher Education. https://timeshighereducation.com/campus/beware-pitfalls-making-lectures-interesting-and-focus-curiosity-instead

Lee, L. N., Wong, S. S. H., & Lim, S. W. H. (2015). Empowering psychology teaching assistants through a symposium. CDTL Brief, 18(1), pp. 19-29.

Conference Presentations

Tan, N.X, Chen, X., Lee, L. N., & Chia, C. (2019 January). Evaluating TeachUP: A Singapore-based Sri Lankan Teacher Training Programme. Oral Presentation at the Association for Information Science and Technology Asia Pacific Regional Conference 2019, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.