SEOW Teck Keong

Seow Teck Keong

Deputy Director and Associate Professor

Throughout his NUS career, Teck Keong has been teaching large classes (200-800 students per semester). The challenge of effectively managing the teaching and learning needs of not only a large but also diverse student cohort every semester motivated Teck Keong to explore using technology in his practice. His appointments as Resident Fellow of King Edward VII Hall and as Director for Residential Life and Resident Fellow at the College of Alice and Peter Tan have also motivated him to leave a lasting and positive impact on his students. Through his new appointment at CDTL, Teck Keong looks forward to expanding his network of colleagues to share ideas and deepen his understanding about teaching and learning in higher education.

Selected Publications and Conference Presentations


Seow, T. K. (2020, February). Peer instruction as an in-class activity of a flipped classroom in a large non-majors biology course. Presented at the 1st International Conference on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Muscat, Oman.

Seow, T. K., & Soong, S. K. A. (2015). Promoting critical thinking in a large class through outcomes-based approach by means of an audience response system. In T. Reiners, B.R. von Konsky, D. Gibson, V. Chang, L. Irving, & K. Clarke (Eds.), Globally connected, digitally enabled. Proceedings ASCILITE 2015 Perth, 193-199.

Seow, T. K., & Soong, S. K. A. (2014). Students’ perceptions of BYOD open-book examinations in a large class: a pilot study. In B. Hegarty, J. McDonald, & S.-K. Loke (Eds.), Rhetoric and Reality: Critical perspectives on educational technology. Proceedings ASCILITE 2014 Dunedin, 604-608.