Shin Dee LIEW


Publications Manager

LIEW Shin Dee is Publications Manager at CDTL and is part of the Centre’s academic development team. Her main responsibilities include managing the Centre’s publications - the Asian Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and Teaching Connections; and supporting faculty colleagues who are interested in sharing their teaching practice on the Centre’s publishing platforms. Shin Dee’s interests in education are academic development, academic writing, and ways of making one’s teaching visible. 


Member, ISSOTL
Member, SOTL Asia
Member, Institute of Adult Learning

Selected Publications and Conference Presentations

Conference Presentations

Liew, S. D. & Gan, M. J. S. (2018). Exploring the nature and effects of dialogic feedback in professional learning conversations. Paper presented at the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL2018), Bergen, Norway, 24-27 October, 98. 

Gan, M. J. S., & Liew, S. D. (2017). Understanding academics’ conceptions about teaching practice: The role of professional learning conversations. The 2nd European Conference for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Transforming Patterns Through the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Lund, Sweden, 8-9 June, 95-101. Retrieved from

Ragupathi, K., Lakshminarayanan S., Liew, S. D., & Geertsema, J. (2015). Preparing future faculty through responsive postgraduate training programmes. Presented at the International Conference on eLearning Forum Asia 2015 (eLFA2015), Singapore.