Call for Papers

Call for Papers

We are particularly interested in submissions that discuss ideas or good practices that foster diversity and inclusivity in different contexts to optimise student learning. To facilitate active participation and interaction between presenters and audience, we invite submissions in the following categories/formats (see guidelines for abstract submissions):


paper presentation

Paper Presentation

Individual or joint, speakers present a topic with the intent to elicit feedback from the audience.

Duration: 15-minute presentation + 5-minute Q&A



A presentation format that originated from Japan and is similar to the 3-minute thesis (3MT), the idea is to get the presenters to share their ideas or thoughts in a concise manner focusing on key messages. The format is usually 20 slides with each slide staying on screen for 20 seconds. Slides are auto-timed as the presenters talk through them.

Duration: 6-minute-40-second presentation +5-minute Q&A

We have prepared a template for authors to use and a guide

gallery cluster walk

Gallery Cluster Walk (Poster Presentation)

For this year’s conference, we introduce the Gallery Cluster Walk for poster presentations. Each cluster consists of three 5-minute poster presentations. This is followed by a Question & Answer (Q&A) session once all three posters are presented. This format allows poster presenters the opportunity to interact with multiple groups of participants.

Duration: 5-minute presentation per poster + 5-minute Q&A

Important Dates

May 2020
29 (Friday) - Deadline of Registration

June 2020
8 (Monday) - e-Symposium

Registration is now open

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