About the Conference

The Centre for Development of Teaching & Learning (CDTL) of the National University of Singapore (NUS) is hosting the Higher Education Campus Conference (HECC) on 7 December 2022 (Wed), 8.45am to 1pm and 8 December 2022 (Thu), 9.00am to 12nn. 

The aims of HECC are for NUS colleagues and students to

  1. discuss and share their practices through connecting learning, research and teaching, and in recognition that each of these informs the other;
  2. continue engaging the NUS community to participate in conversations on critical as well as emerging issues concerning teaching, learning, and research in higher education.



The theme of “Forging Ahead Beyond the Pandemic” focuses on higher education in the post-pandemic world.  While the pandemic has exposed numerous difficulties and disparities in teaching and learning, it has also uncovered more than a few positive accounts of adaptability and resilience.  While it is useful to document and celebrate such accounts, there is also a need to move on and explore how the experiences of the pandemic affect the teaching and learning in the post-pandemic world.  Areas to consider include what a post-pandemic curriculum should be, how the curriculum is delivered (online and onsite), and if the curriculum is inclusive and accessible to as many as possible.


We invite contributions that focus on critical reflections or report research studies on three sub-themes:


  • What are the key considerations in the design and delivery of an interdisciplinary curriculum and/or module?
  • How do we ensure effective teaching and learning with a heterogenous student population with differing interests and aspirations in a compulsory core interdisciplinary module?
  • What are some good practices to support and develop faculty to embrace interdisciplinary learning, develop teaching and learning activities as well as assessments that promote interdisciplinary learning and engage students effectively?

Inclusivity, communities and engagement

  • How can we provide a safe and non-discriminatory environment for students who do not conform to the conventional social, developmental, and physical demographics?
  • What other non-academic-related skills should we impart to our students?Would these skills be more effectively imparted in specific general education modules or in existing modules?

Future scoping

  • What defines success in students’ learning?
  • What are some good practices in curriculum and module design moving forward?
  • How do we leverage on technology-enhanced learning to better engage and support our students in the post-pandemic world?

Important Dates

December 2022
07 Dec (Wed, 8.45am-1pm)
08 Dec (Thu, 9am-12nn)


Shaw Foundation Alumni House (SFAH)

Level 2
11 Kent Ridge Drive
Singapore 119244

For enquiries, please write to conference@nus.edu.sg