Educator-in-Residence Programme

About EiRP

The higher education landscape is becoming increasingly complex due to factors like internationalisation, growing student diversity and numbers, rapid integration of information technology in education, insights from the learning sciences, and rising governmental demands for accountability. In a globally recognised research-intensive institution like NUS, which values high-quality education, it's crucial for our faculty, students, and administrators to engage with renowned international thinkers and educators.

The Educator-in-Residence Programme (EiRP) is a CDTL initiative that fosters dialogue between the NUS academic community and distinguished educators worldwide. Through this initiative, esteemed educators are invited periodically to interact with academics, students, and educational leaders on relevant topics. The EiRP features a public lecture, staff seminars, student dialogues, roundtables, workshops, and informal discussions.

CDTL hopes that the NUS community will strongly support the EiRP and benefit from the evidence-based discussions on learning and teaching. In this way, NUS will be able to maintain and indeed elevate NUS's position at the forefront of educational practice, research, and innovation.


Professor Kathy Takayama
Executive Director
Center for Professional Development and Inclusive Excellence (C-Hub)
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST), Japan

Professor Kathy Takayama will be at NUS from October to November 2023. During this period, she will deliver the EIRP public lecture, lead workshops, engage in dialogues with the NUS staff and student community, and participate in various campus activities. To arrange for an engagement with Prof Kathy TAKAYAMA, whether as a group or individually, please reach out to our EiRP coordinators.

For further information, please contact our EiRP coordinators:

Dr Kiruthika RAGUPATHI
Associate Director, CDTL

NEO Shermin
Senior Executive, CDTL