EiRP-Ruth Wong Memorial Lecture on Education 2019

Building Your Mentoring Networks:
Make Each Connection Count

Mary Deane Sorcinelli
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Wednesday, 13 November 2019
3.00pm – 4.30pm
University Hall Auditorium, 2nd Level,
Lee Kong Chian Wing, NUS


Mentoring has long been viewed as a powerful means of enhancing the professional success and personal well-being of faculty members, particularly early career and underrepresented faculty.  In response, a number of institutions have developed mentoring programs, often shaped by the traditional one-on-one mentoring model in which an experienced, senior faculty “mentor” guides the career development of an early career faculty “mentee”.  Over time, however, mentoring has evolved, reflecting new models, research, approaches and experiences.  Recent literature has indicated the emergence of more innovative, faculty-driven, and flexible approaches to mentoring in which faculty build a network of “multiple mentors” who can address a variety of career competencies. 

In this session, we will overview mentoring in academia; introduce network-based, mutual mentoring; draw on a range of examples for operationalizing a network-based mentoring model in a variety of disciplines; evaluate the impact of network-based mentoring, and discuss best practices for seeking, developing, and cultivating productive mentoring networks.  For individual faculty, departments, and interdisciplinary groups interested in enhancing their networks of professional development and learning, this session provides substantive ideas, suggestions, and strategies for implementation. 

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