CHEN Chwen Jen

CHEN Chwen Jen


Editorial Board, AJSoTL


Chwen Jen is a Professor at the Faculty of Cognitive Sciences and Human Development at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), and was most recently Senior Director of the University's Centre for Applied Learning and Multimedia (CALM). During her term as CALM's Senior Director, she spearheaded the integration of technology into higher education teaching and learning at UNIMAS as well as the implementation of various strategies (including SoTL) to advance the University's teaching and learning initiatives.

UNIMAS is in the midst of enculturing SoTL among academics as a crucial move to enhance student learning. She is seeing the collaborative effort in SoTL practices and collective effort in disseminating SoTL outcomes among academics in this region which will bring more significant knowledge advancement in university teaching and learning as it takes into account the distinct characteristics of our learners and learning affordances.