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Johan GEERTSEMA directs the Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning (CDTL). He oversees the Centre’s activities, providing strategic direction to foster scholarly approaches to academic development and align the Centre's practices and principles with the University’s priorities. Johan's background is in the Humanities—he has a PhD in English. He came to Singapore in 2001 to join the NUS University Scholars Programme, where he taught in—and later coordinated—the Writing and Critical Thinking Programme. Over the years he has developed a keen interest in higher education, especially in research-intensive contexts. Some of the topics on which he has been focusing include the ways in which teachers’ evidence-based reflection on practice made public can strengthen student learning outcomes; how to foster such scholarly work and use it to strengthen teaching at NUS; the distinction between education research and the scholarship of teaching and learning; teaching academies; and how to evaluate teaching achievement.

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