Undergraduate Teaching Opportunities Programme (UTOP)



About UTOP

The Undergraduate Teaching Opportunities Programme (UTOP) is a credit-bearing programme for undergraduate students to acquire practical skills in teaching, with guidance from academic supervisors.

What to Expect (Students)

UTOP students can be involved in teaching, facilitation, or development of teaching materials.  To chart their own learning and growth, UTOP students are encouraged to reflect on and record their UTOP journey.

Training in basic foundational knowledge and skills will be provided to all UTOP students by the Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning (CDTL) through an online course.  CDTL will also be providing opportunities for face-to-face interactions with other UTOP students.

What to Expect (Academic Supervisors)

UTOP supervisors will define their expectations and intended learning outcomes for each UTOP student, mentor and evaluate their UTOP students on their teaching-related assignments and their reflection entries.

CDTL will provide opportunities for UTOP supervisors to interact with other UTOP supervisors to share ideas and clarify doubts.


How to Apply

If you are interested in the programme, whether as a UTOP student or a UTOP supervisor, please visit the UTOP website to learn more.

Course Leaders

A/P SEOW Teck Keong
Dr Verily TAN
Dr LEE Li Neng
Dr Mark GAN
Charina ONG

For further information about the UTOP, please contact:

MA Lin Lin
UTOP Programme Coordinator
e-mail: cdtmall@nus.edu.sg