About the Teaching Awards

Teaching Awards

The University promotes teaching on campus through various teaching awards - the Outstanding Educator Award (OEA), the Annual Digital Education Award (ADEA), the Annual Teaching Excellence Award (ATEA), and the Honour Roll. These awards serve three important functions: (1) recognises teachers who excel in their profession, (2) indicates the importance that the institution accords to teaching, and (3) sends clear signals to the teaching community about what the institution regards as high quality teaching.

The Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning (CDTL) hosted the University Teaching Award (ATEA/ADEA) Ceremony & Outstanding Educator Award (OEA) Public Lectures 2022 on 21 Sep 2022 (Wed), from 10am-12noon at Lecture Theatre 6 (College of Design and Engineering). 

The Outstanding Educator Award lectures were delivered by 2022 recipients, A/P Heng Cheng Suang/School of Computing and Mr Donn Koh/College of Design & Engineering, as well as 2021 recipient, A/P Marleen Dieleman/NUS Business School.  Please click on the selected button to view the event programme or webcast.  To view the e-poster page on the 2022 ATEA/ADEA and Honour Roll (2022-2026) recipients, please click here.

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