Timeline and Selection Process

Teaching Awards 2022 Timeline

Date specified by respective FTECs 
Eligible faculty candidates submit their application and documentation to their respective FTECs via the University Teaching Awards Portal

25 October 2021

FTECs submit selected applicants’ submissions & FTEC reports to UTEC c/o CDTL via the University Teaching Awards Portal

November - December 2021

Evaluation of applicants’ submissions by UTEC
Interview of shortlisted OEA applicants by UTEC

December 2021 – Jan 2022

UTEC deliberates and finalises reports for Office of the Senior Deputy President and Provost

February 2022

Approval of OEA, ADEA & ATEA recommendations by Office of the Senior Deputy President and Provost

Approval of OEA recommendations by the President

April/May 2022 (tentative)

University Awards Ceremony 2022

November 2022 (tentative)

Annual Teaching Awards Ceremony and Outstanding Educator Award (OEA) Public Lectures 2022

Selection Committee

The committees involved in the selection of Outstanding Educator Awards/Annual Digital Education Awards/Annual Teaching Excellence Awards are:

Faculty Teaching Excellence Committee (FTEC)

Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
Dr Susan Ang (Chairperson)
A/P Loy Hui Chieh 
A/P Lim Wee Hun, Stephen
Dr Gilbert Yeoh
Mrs Chen Ing Ru

School of Business
A/P Liu Qizhang (Chairperson)
A/P Chen Renbao
Ms Huan Li Yueh, Julie
A/P Charles Shi
A/P Ashok Charan
A/P Alice Christudason
Ms Usa Skulkerewathana

School of Computing
A/P Yu Hai Feng (Chairperson)
Dr Lek Hsiang Hui
Dr Sharon Tan 
A/P Hugh Anderson
Dr Steven Halim

Faculty of Dentistry
A/P Wong Mun Loke (Chairperson)
A/P Tan Kai Soo
A/P Keson Tan
Dr Betty Mok

School of Design & Environment
A/P Cheah Kok Ming (Chairperson)
A/P Tham Kok Wai
A/P Lilian Chee
A/P Song Kee Hong

Faculty of Engineering
Prof Dipti Srinivasan (Chairperson)
A/P Teo Chiang Juay
A/P Aaron Danner
A/P Alberto Corrias
A/P Chian Siau Chen, Darren

Faculty of Law
Prof Wayne Courtney (Chairperson)
Prof Jeffrey Pinsler
Prof Alan Tan Khee Jin

Residential Colleges
A/P Seow Teck Keong (Chairperson)
A/P Johan Geertsema
Dr Connor Graham
Dr Daniel Jew
Ms Elizabeth Ong
Dr Zhou Ziqian

Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy
A/P Khuong Minh Wu (Co-Chairperson)
Asst Prof Marina Jose Kaneti (Co-Chairperson)
A/P Suzaina Kadir
A/P Alfred Wu
Asst Prof Sonia Akter
Asst Prof Taha Hameduddin
Asst Prof Xi Lu
Prof Danny Quah (ex-officio)

Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine
A/P Koh Dow Rhoon (Chairperson)
Emeritus Prof Matthew Gwee
Prof Lee Eng Hin
Prof Bay Boon Huat
A/P Marion Aw
A/P Chen Fun Gee
Prof Hooi Shing Chuan
A/P Raymond Seet Chee Seong
A/P Alfred Kow
A/P Chen Zhixiong
A/P Tan Chay Hoon

Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health
Dr Liow Chee Hsiang (Chairperson)
A/P Lee Jen Mai, Jeannette
A/P Alex R Cook
A/P Chia Sin Eng
A/P Luo Nan

Faculty of Science
Prof Sow Chorng Haur (Chairperson)
Prof Yeo Chong Jinn, Darren
Prof Yeo Boon Siang, Jason
Prof Lim Hock Siah
Prof Chan Lai Wah
Prof Lee Soo Teck
Prof Lim Tiong Wee
Dr Liu Mei Hui

University Scholars Programme
A/P Barbara Ryan (Chairperson)
A/P Tok Eng Soon
Dr Low Swee Yang, Edmund
Dr Bart van Wassenhove

Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music
A/P Ho Chee Kong (Chairperson)
A/P Chan Tze Law
A/P Brett Stemple
A/P Greg Petersen

Centre for English Language Communication

Dr Zhou Ziqian (Chairperson)
Dr Fong Yoke Sim

University Teaching Excellence Committee (UTEC)

Prof Ho Teck Hua, Senior Deputy President and Provost – Chair of UTEC
Prof Bernard Tan, Senior Vice Provost (Undergraduate Education)
Prof Tulika Mitra, Vice Provost (Academic Affairs)
A/P Erle Lim Chuen Hian, Vice Provost (Teaching Innovation & Quality)
A/P Phil Chan (Faculty of Science)
A/P Darren Chian (Faculty of Engineering)
A/P Teofilo C. Daquila (Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences)
A/P Kelvin Foong (Faculty of Dentistry)
A/P Suzaina Kadir (Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy)
A/P Adrian Lee (Faculty of Science)
A/P Lee Kooi Cheng (Centre for English Language Communication)
A/P Bruce Lockhart (Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences)
A/P Chris McMorran (Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences)
A/P Damith Rajapakse (School of Computing)
Prof Farooq Shamsuzzaman (Faculty of Engineering)
A/P Soo Yuen Jien (School of Computing)
Prof Dipti Srinivasan (Faculty of Engineering)
A/P Hans Tan (School of Design & Environment)
A/P Victor Tan (Faculty of Science)
A/P Teo Chiang Juay (Faculty of Engineering)
A/P Yap Von Bing (Faculty of Science)
Dr Dujeepa D. Samarasekera, Director (CDTL)