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To all the participants and presenters at the CELC Symposium 2016 on 25-27 May 2016, thank you for being there and for making the event such a huge success! We are certain everyone went away enriched and inspired by the sharing at the various sessions.

Selected papers have been published in the Symposium 2016 Proceedings, which appears as a special edition of English Language Teaching World Online (ELTWO), CELC’s peer reviewed journal.
Thank you and see you at the next CELC Symposium!



Strengthening connectivities in ELT: pedagogies, disciplines, cultures


Stephen Riady Centre, University Town,

National University of Singapore

Date: 25-27 May 2016

The CELC Symposium 2016 aims to provide a platform for examining how ELT, in higher education today, is multi-pedagogical, interdisciplinary and intercultural.  Specifically, we are interested in papers that focus on connections between different disciplinary ideas and methods as well as socio-cultural, institutional and digital contexts that variously shape and are, in turn, enhanced by pedagogical engagements within the language and communication classroom. "Strengthening connectivities in ELT: pedagogies, disciplines, cultures" thus seeks to explore how the three paradigms are evolving and how they continually interact with and impact one another.

Possible focus areas:

  • Curriculum design and materials development: EAP, WAC, content-focused writing, business and professional communication, embedded instruction
  • Classroom pedagogies and practices: collaborative learning, flipped classrooms, multimodality, blended instruction
  • Assessment: formative and summative evaluations, diagnostic and achievement testing, student feedback
  • Language education and society: interpersonal and intercultural communicative competence in a global age, bilingual and multilingual education, ELT and ideology, language and power

Post-event survey



Professor Suresh Canagarajah
Pennsylvania State University

Professor Ryuko Kubota
University of British Columbia

Professor Paul Kei Matsuda
Arizona State University


Professor Stephen Bax
Open University

Associate Professor Chng Huang Hoon
National University of Singapore

Professor Christine Goh
National Institute of Education,
Nanyang Technological University

Professor Bonny Norton
University of British Columbia

Professor Lionel Wee
National University of Singapore

Dr Ursula Wingate
King's College London