conNectUS is an exclusive professional networking platform for the NUS community to connect with one another beyond the campus.

Meet other students and AlumNUS, share ideas, and acquire insights and opportunities.

What our students say

Networking is an essential skill to have in our professional lives and conNectUS serves as a common platform for current NUS students and alumni to connect with each other. Hence, ideas and opportunities can be shared while building professional networks!

— Suraj R Jaya, Year 4 Student, College of Design and Engineering

conNectUS exposes me to a wide range of industries and firms available for me to learn from and potentially work at in the future. With the extensive alumni database, I can better gauge what entry-level jobs are like and the industries that I can look into, especially those that I had no prior knowledge about or had previously dismissed as unsuitable for me and my course of study. It helps to address my anxiety revolving around the working world as it reassures me that if my seniors can do it, so can I!

— Year 1 Student, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

conNectUS allows me to connect with other interesting alumni and to hopefully collaborate with other like-minded individuals or even work on our next start-up idea together.

— Alumnus, NUS Business School, Class of 2015

conNectUS is a very useful platform for NUS graduates to interact with current students as well as other graduates. It provides a good opportunity for me to contribute back to the NUS community.

— Alumnus, Faculty of Science, Class of 2021

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Maintain and build professional networks

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