Understanding Singapore and China Job Landscapes for Career Success

Understanding Singapore and China Job Landscapes for Career Success EDM image

Introducing our very first training workshop on Intercultural Communication.
Are you an international student looking to secure a role in Singapore after graduation?
Are you unsure what to do, where to start and how to go about your job search?
Are you looking for insights to the business environment, cultural norms, and communication skills needed to successfully land a job in Singapore?

Sounds relatable? - Then this training workshop is for YOU!

The trainers, Mr. Kenneth Leow and Ms. Peggy Zhao, will help to bridge your gaps in the knowledge of business context and intercultural communication, and help you overcome the cultural barriers.

You will be gaining the following insights from the workshop:

  • Understand cultural differences in interpersonal communication and workplace etiquette between Singapore and China and the common challenges faced by students from China.
  • Learn and practice techniques and processes to communicate effectively in a multicultural environment, during interviews and in the workplace.
  • Understand the business environment in Singapore and the critical differences between the business environments in Singapore and China.
  • The trainers will also touch on how to leverage communities and networks in Singapore to find opportunities.

Peggy will be covering three areas – business conditions in China, types of job opportunities available and tips on how a Chinese could “win” the job and succeed in building a successful career overseas.

Please note that Peggy’s session will be conducted in Mandarin towards the end of the training workshop (Q&A format).

Meet Our Guest Speakers

Kennethleow Kenneth Leow
Leadership Coach, Blue and Gray Group
Founder and CEO  
A globally certified virtual trainer with over 40 years of HR, Management, and Entrepreneurial experience. To date, he has successfully conducted over 500 virtual training programs for mid-to-senior management for mainly Fortune 1000 clients. He also certifies other face-to-face trainers into virtual coaches.  

An NUS engineering alumnus, he has spent the first half of his career in the corporate world focusing on ensuring the successful development and implementation of Sales strategies for success. He is the Master Trainer for The Culture Works suite and has conducted the Talent Assessment Partner Programs for various MNCs across the region.
Peggy Zhao Peggy Zhao
Expert in Cross-Cultural Diversity, Beijing Beidou Linghang International Management
Co-Founder & Senior Consultant
Founder and owner of one of China's largest and most successful search firms, Peggy has more than 19 years of experience in human resource and management of human resource consulting practices.

A major in Applied Psychology from Beijing University, she has served as the business director of ChinaHR.com and Career International Human Resources for many years. Currently, she provides selection and advisory consulting for top executives for large enterprises and Fortune 500 companies.

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Date: Friday, 25 June 2021

Event Time: 2pm – 5pm

Industries: All

Faculties: All students