Optimise Your Personal Brand Online

Whether you are looking for a job, seeking a promotion or aiming to gain recognition, building and maintaining a strong personal brand is essential. By developing your brand effectively, you will gain more control over the way you are viewed by others and ultimately, achieve more from your personal and professional life.

By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Understand the importance of an effective personal brand and how to manage your online presence
  • Build and maintain a strong personal brand offline and online, including LinkedIn strategies for success
  • Learn the skills you need to develop your personal brand and create a powerful first impression.

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This workshop is part of NUS Career Fest 2022.

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Career Workshops

Date: Friday, 18 February 2022

Event Time: 12pm – 2pm

Industries: Others

Faculties: NUS Business School, School of Computing, School of Design and Environment, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Target Audience: All penultimate-year and graduating students