Global Internship Programme

The NUS Global Internship Programme (NGIP) allows students to gain practical experience and build their skills by working in a foreign country.

Gain wider business and cultural perspectives.
Enhance your adaptability and resilience.
Build career networks.
Improve intercultural communication skills.

NGIP is facilitated by Centre for Future-ready Graduates (CFG) in collaboration with a select of host companies annually. It is open to undergraduates who wish to pursue an overseas internship during the summer vacation and obtain 4 Units under the Course CFG2101 NUS Vacation Internship Programme.

Opportunities with host companies are advertised at the beginning of the calendar year, and students can apply to the programme, expecting interviews by CFG as well as the host companies.

NGIP Southeast Asia will be kicking off the programme this year, with opportunities in Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand! More details will be revealed by the end of February 2023!

NGIP Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is home to some of the world’s fastest-growing economies and a diverse range of industries. Depending on the country, students can expect opportunities in industries such as technology, finance, education and more, work with a company for at least 10 weeks with a chance to extend the internship beyond the vacation period.

For 2023, students will be able to intern with companies in Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand!

Eligibility Requirements (more details on CFG2101 NUS Vacation Internship Programme)

  1. Full-time undergraduate with NUS
  2. Students who are graduating in Semester 2 are not allowed to enrol in CFG2101 during the summer vacation in the same AY.
  3. Law students keen to read modules in Special Term are to seek approval from Vice Dean (Academic Affairs) before proceeding with the internship.

Duration of Programme

A minimum of 10 weeks full-time overseas internship


Apply on Internship-As-A-Service platform (IAAS) and search for ‘NUS Global Internship Programme [insert Country Name].’

Prepare the following for submission on IAAS:

  • Resume
  • Latest University transcript
  • A 100-word personal statement on why you wish to apply for the NGIP

You can expect an initial interview with CFG upon shortlisting. If you are further shortlisted, you will proceed to the next round of interview with the employer (and other tests if applicable).



You will receive an internship stipend from the host company. Additional company benefits such as accommodation and airfare allowance might be included by some companies.

In addition, leverage on the available Financial Aid support by CFG to make this global internship experience a reality!

Self-sourced Global Internships 

Interning overseas is instrumental to increasing your competitiveness in the job market. It also means you are willing to take yourself out of the comforts of home to learn about cultural sensitivities, independence and discovering what you are capable to achieve.

If you are interested to intern in an overseas market not covered by the NUS Global Internship Programme (NGIP), CFG is here to support you too!

Our Internship-As-A-Service (IAAS) portal is where you can search for overseas internships by typing the name of the country in the search bar. Alternatively, you can source for overseas internships on external portals or on host company careers websites directly.

You can also find useful information on Financial, Insurance and Personal Safety Support and Frequently Asked Questions for internships outside of NGIP.

What Our Students Say

“I learnt many skills I would have otherwise not if I had stayed in Singapore.

Working with an international team of people from different backgrounds allowed me to learn different perspectives in the many environmental issues that we have. I also learnt coral restoration and research skills directly from experts in this field that have been performing these tasks for many years.”

Goh Yuheng
Faculty of Science
Internship with Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru, Maldives (Aug 2022-Jan 2023)

Support - Financial, Insurance & Personal Safety

Financial Aid

We want to support you on your overseas journey. Hence, we have made several financial aid options open to you.
For full terms and conditions, please refer to the NUS Financial Support for Global Internships.

  ESG’s Global Ready Talent (GRT) Programme IMDA’s Industry Preparation for Pre-graduate (iPREP) Programme NUS Global Internship Award (NGIA) Lee Foundation McDonnell Scholarship

Eligibility Criteria

  • Only for Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents
  • Participate in an internship in a qualifying country
  • Only for Singapore Citizens
  • From one of the eligible majors
  • For students not eligible for GRT & iPREP
  • For all students
  • Participate in an internship in USA


$1000 allowance
$1200 flight allowance
Economy-Class Return (Total sum of allowances is capped at $8500)
(One time scholarship)


Monthly subsistence allowance
One-time travel allowance

Insurance & Personal Safety

NUS Student Travel Insurance

All NUS students will be covered under NUS Student Travel Insurance for NUS-approved trips, including physical global internships. Terms and conditions apply.

Though expenses for COVID-19 medical treatment is covered under the policy, you are strongly encouraged to purchase additional insurance coverage for overseas medical expenses as well as evacuation or repatriation expenses in the unfortunate event that you contract COVID-19.

If you intend to participate in adventure sports, or other activities which are deemed to be high-risk, you are encouraged to purchase additional travel insurance at your own expense.

International SOS

International SOS provides on-call professional medical advice and referrals to their partner clinics and hospitals worldwide, as well as evacuation and other emergency services depending on the situation. All NUS students on NUS-approved trips may use the resources of International SOS in case of any emergencies.

Before your trip

Download the International SOS Assistance app. When prompted, register for a new profile using your full passport name, NUS email address and the NUS membership ID — 02ASCA830500.

Please forward the original flight itinerary confirmation email (including the PDF document, if applicable) without making any changes to

During your trip

If you are travelling overseas, please remember to drop a pin each time you are in a new city or country, even if you are on a different mobile number. This will enable International SOS to send you travel advisories, important information and emergency notifications.

When you need medical or security advice / assistance, call the International SOS assistance center via the call button in the International SOS Assistance app, or call +65 6338 7800 (24/7). Please identify that you are from NUS and provide your name, faculty and the overseas programme you are in.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)

Singaporeans/PRs should eRegister themselves with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). This allows MFA to contact you and provide assistance should the need arises.

International students should contact their country’s diplomatic missions.

Important Information

According to Section 8A of the Misuse of Drugs Act, it is an offence for any Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident to consume drugs outside Singapore. He or she may be dealt with as if that offence had been committed within Singapore.

Stay updated with the COVID-19 situation and prevailing entry requirements imposed by Singapore and your host country through Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) as well as the authorities of the host country/region.

Hundreds Have Expanded Their Horizons Through the Programme

What Our Students Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Physical Global Internships During COVID-19

Part I: Before Application

Sourcing for NUS Global Internship Positions

Preparing for the Selection Process

Benefits and Projected Expenditure

Visas and Travel Advisories

Travel Insurance

Part II: After Accepting Internship Offer

NUS Financial Aid

Course Mapping


Flight Tickets

Internship Start and End Dates

Application for Student Status Letter

Application for NUS Global Internship Support Letter

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