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NUS Internship-As-A-Service (IAAS) is the University’s two-sided gigs marketplace.

With NUS IAAS, students can take on paid well-defined projects of flexible duration with local and overseas companies, while employers are able to access NUS talents, unbound by the academic calendar or geography. 

What IAAS Users Say

NUS IAAS is a game changer in expanding the range of internship opportunities to NUS students and we are honoured to be part of this exciting endeavor from the very beginning. The platform allows us to be plugged directly into the NUS student talent pool and reach out conveniently to potential students who are keen to take on internships of flexible lengths and diverse domains. Through these gigs, I believe interns will be able to gain useful skills and networks that will be beneficial in their future careers.

— Changi Airport Group

The IAAS platform piqued my interest due to the great flexibility its projects offered. Setting up a profile on IAAS not only allowed me to browse the various projects available but also allowed employers to view my resume and make an offer. It was through IAAS that my manager found my profile and reached out to offer an internship opportunity. My internship experience at a biotechnology startup has been fun and eye-opening as it was my first time as a marketing and operations intern. I got to learn and experience a new variety of tasks. These experiences helped me further develop valuable transferable skills like communication and organisation.

— Faculty of Science student

Being a Research Intern through NUS IAAS for 3 weeks has given me a great exposure to a whole new different industry and job scope. With the flexibility to choose my working period and also to work on projects remotely, I can learn a great deal in 3 weeks, provide my services to the organisation, and earn some allowance to offset my school fees. The programme is designed to benefit students and it has definitely reached its objective.

— School of Computing student

Completing multiple internships is essential for any student in Singapore as they help to build our portfolios and learn new skills before applying for full time jobs once we graduate. (IAAS) gave me the flexibility to complete an internship as well as participate in my other commitments during my 3 months summer break. I would recommend all NUS students to look out for internship listings on IAAS if you are interested in applying for a short-term internship during your vacation or school term!

— Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences student

I had my industrial attachment till end May and when I started to search for a summer internship at the beginning of May, I realised that it was too late and the duration for these internships is usually 3 months which I was not able to fulfil. My friend recommended to me the computer vision internship at NCS made available on IAAS. I embarked on a 1-month internship. Even though the internship was short, I benefited a lot from it. The flexibility of IAAS internships is really attractive and beneficial for students like me.

— College of Design and Engineering student

We are very excited about NUS IAAS launch given the growing gig economy and increasing preference of employees to engage in on-demand work. This symbolizes the future of work which Baxter is promoting and provides a great opportunity for us to engage with students on high-impact & meaningful projects which is aligned with our commitment to develop young talents for the healthcare industry.

— Baxter Singapore

How NUS IAAS benefits students

paid projects

Paid short-stint projects recognised as completed internships

no calendar

Projects of flexible duration unbound by academic calendar

remote internships

Work on projects with local and overseas companies


Complete multiple internships and increase chances of obtaining full-time role

showcase skills

Showcase the skills you successfully applied in real-world work environments


Look forward to the ability to complete projects in exchange for units

How NUS IAAS benefits companies

no calendar

Engage students for well-defined projects unrestricted by the academic calendar


Supplement your project needs, regardless where you are located

one stop

One-stop access to students across faculties


Seamless on-boarding through MyInfoBiz

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