Internships, Your Way.


NUS Internship-As-A-Service (IAAS) is the University’s two-sided gigs marketplace.

With NUS IAAS, students can take on paid short-stint projects of flexible duration with local and overseas companies, while employers are able to access NUS talents, unbound by the academic calendar or geography. 

What IAAS Users Say

“NUS IAAS provides students with exciting new opportunities. Besides the usual internships, I am now able to take on projects and internships of flexible lengths, throughout my studies, to expand different skillsets. This past vacation, I secured a two months-long internship with a family office through NUS IAAS, deepening my knowledge of the financial market.”

— Final-year undergraduate student

“We are very excited about NUS IAAS launch given the growing gig economy and increasing preference of employees to engage in on-demand work. This symbolizes the future of work which Baxter is promoting and provides a great opportunity for us to engage with students on high-impact & meaningful projects which is aligned with our commitment to develop young talents for the healthcare industry”.

— Ms Ang Ging Yin, Senior HR Manager, Baxter Singapore

How NUS IAAS benefits students

paid projects

Paid short-stint projects recognised as completed internships

no calendar

Projects of flexible duration unbound by academic calendar

remote internships

Work on projects with local and overseas companies


Complete multiple internships and increase chances of obtaining full-time role

showcase skills

Showcase the skills you successfully applied in real-world work environments


Look forward to the ability to complete projects in exchange for modular credits

How NUS IAAS benefits companies

no calendar

Engage students for short-stint projects unrestricted by the academic calendar


Supplement your project needs, regardless where you are located

one stop

One-stop access to students across faculties


Seamless on-boarding through MyInfoBiz

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