Tips For Travel

Use Skyscanner ( or PriceBreaker ( for latest updates on direct flights to Singapore.

Additional note for NUS students: GRO has advised students to choose the most economical route home. For students who might try to make claims, it will be prudent to screenshot the website to show the most economical route home and submit alongside your claims.

Useful Flight Links

• Singapore Airlines Website: Singapore Airlines
• Skyscanner (Singapore Site): Skyscanner

• Due to various flight cancellations/suspensions, you may also consider...

o Flying any available airline to a city that has a more direct flight to Singapore! Whatever gets you closer to home!

o Flying to Abu Dhabi (Etihad Airways), Doha (Qatar Airways), or Dubai (Emirates), for transfers to Singapore. At time of writing, transfers, connections, and transits through these cities’ international airports are still allowed, but do look for direct transfers to Singapore – Qatar has 2-3 direct flights daily from Doha to Singapore, while Etihad has some flights that require stopovers through Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, etc.