Selling Heme and Heme Flavored Plant Based Meat Products

Impossible Foods and Beyond Meats are leading the charge of the plant based meat industry that is valued to be more than US$10 billion. These plant based meat companies are a magnet to investments with the recent tranche from Temasek . The value proposition of plant based meat stems from its potential impact to human and environmental health. From a consumer perspective, plant based meat can combine personal tastes, dietary preferences, religious requirements and healthy diets. Riding on the ripple effect of Impossible Food’s GMO soy leghemoglobin molecule, we aim to commercialize our heme through a start up that sells heme made from various sources (without infringing on IF’s patent on soy leghemoglobin ). One beachhead market will be food manufacturing companies, industrial kitchens where we can sell our heme molecules as meat flavoring to. The other beachhead is to have our own plant based meat products catering to the Asian taste buds. I am looking out for passionate future food industries leaders who can bring our food technology from the formula to the fork.

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