Founder & Talent Matching

Do you manage a start-up or have plans to start one?

Are you interested to join an early stage start-up as a founder or founding employee?

A start-up is as strong as its founders and founding employees. Finding a compatible co-founder or competent founding talent is a common challenge faced by start-ups.

At NUS GRIP, we’ve created a Founder and Talent Matching Platform to help you and your start-up get to the next level.

  1. If you have a start-up idea and would like to strengthen your team with co-founders or early employees, we have a database of talents to help you build a winning team.
  1. If you are interested to be part of a start-up, please tell us more about yourself.

If you are a start-up founder who is open to other opportunities, for example matched to other start-ups as a founding employee, please fill both forms.

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