NUS GRIP Run 3 Lifts Off in a Blast!

12 December 2019 – 15 teams took off in the biggest Lift-Off Day yet, held over two storeys of the Shaw Foundation Alumni House last Thursday. Teams showcased their commercially-ready deep tech innovations and businesses to a crowd of more than 400 potential investors, partners and key players of the Singapore innovation ecosystem.

Prof Freddy Boey, NUS Deputy President (Innovation & Enterprise), welcomed the guests with fantastic news of new partnerships with Enterprise Singapore and Antler to further support the development of deep tech start-ups; new programmes such as the MSc (Venture Creation) to transform mindsets and accelerate translation of ideas into solutions; and Technology Access Programme (TAP) to bring more NUS technologies to the world stage.

We are honoured to have been graced by the presence of the NUS Board of Trustees Chairman, Mr Hsieh Fu Hua, NUS President, Prof Tan Eng Chye, NUS Senior Deputy President & Provost, Prof Ho Teck Hua and Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) Chairman, Dr Gerard Ee for this event.

To date, 8 teams from run 3 have been selected to receive up to S$100,000 seed funding from the National University of Singapore, while the rest will get the opportunity to fine-tune their businesses and pitch again in future rounds. All graduating teams will be further incubated by the University for the next nine months, to continue to develop their products, scale their businesses and solidify their footing in the market. 

Find out who the run 3 teams are below!

Front row left to right: Prof Ho Teck Hua, Prof Tan Eng Chye, Mr Hsieh Fu Hua and Prof Freddy Boey

NUS GRIP Run 3 Start-Ups


Make Sweet Healthier

Type 2 diabetes is a global epidemic. With over 30 years of research behind their glycaemic lowering technology, AuroraFood has built a platform to transform sweet indulgences to become healthy and diabetic-friendly.


Build Green, Build Strong, Build Durable

Water seepage in concrete poses a great risk to the long term durability of buildings and infrastructure. With an engineered biochar prepared from waste biomass as admix in cement mortar and concrete, BiocharCorp reduces permeability of concrete.

CBE Chemicals

Carbon for A Better Environment

CBE Chemicals converts waste carbon into activated carbon, thereby creating positive environment impacts while being financially profitable


Innovative Battery Material Solutions

Ecobinder provides advanced material solutions for energy storage. ECOBINDERTM is a water-based battery binder to replace conventional PVDF-based binder, which is toxic and costly to manage. 


Shaping the Future of X-Ray Detection

Enlipsium has developed Enlit, a new material for X-Ray detection. It can be produced with greater efficiency, requiring as little as a day to manufacture compared to 2 weeks for traditional crystal materials. It has no restrictions in sizes, enabling a whole new range of applications.


Empower Material Scientists Into Frontier Research

Fronka equips customers with the ability to conduct in-situ electrical, optical, and opto-electrical measurements on nanoscale semiconductor devices with integrated multifunction, high accuracy, smart
software & convenient operation.

Magloy Tech

Crafting New Generation Bioresorbable Magnesium Alloys

Magloy Tech aims to radically enhance the orthopedic fracture fixation procedures with a disruptive bioresorbable magnesium alloy technology produced by their proprietary green manufacturing technique.


Engage Talent Live

Matchapreneur aims to revolutionize how employers engage job seekers at career fairs, through a one-stop mobile platform to align information sharing between organisations and job seekers, and AI-backed interactive features to direct suitable candidates to booths, and help job seekers land on-site interviews.

MOS (Membrane Oil-Sep)

To Deliver Superior Solutions to Oily Wastewater Problems

With the vision to eliminate the global issue of oil pollution, MOS has created ZerOil. Patented in Singapore and the U.S., it is an affordable membrane designed for oily wastewater treatment, capable of tolerating high concentration of oil in wastewater.

REOMEx Technologies

Reduce Equipment Operation and Maintenance Expenditure

REOMEx Technologies provides a unique, single and holistic monitoring system for various critical anomalies of a motor with proprietary technology, which detects fault at an early stage and provides multi-signatures based efficient maintenance schedule.


Programming on Steroids!

RightCode boosts productivity and collaboration in software development teams through the use of machine learning and natural language interpretation algorithms. It generates pertinent code snippet recommendations, and help teams stay synchronised through easy collaborative documentation of best-practice code patterns.


Continuous, Targeted & Safe

SafeLight develops visible light disinfection systems that are completely safe to humans, based on a novel LED-based technology which targets photosensitive compounds inside bacterial cells. Unlike existing technologies that can be used only episodically, Safelight’s products are designed to provide constant protection.


The Root of Trust

RootChain by Synectify is a ‘Trust-as-a-Service’ counterfeit detection solution. Leveraging internet-of-things (IoT) and Blockchain technologies, RootChain creates a verifiable virtual representation of any physical product to enable brand owners to minimise losses from counterfeiting.


Enabling Full Autonomy in Robot Navigation

UnoMove’s novel visual processing and control technology enables fully autonomous robotic navigation without the need for high-definition maps or expensive LIDAR sensors. Simple low-fidelity floor plans and low cost cameras are all that is needed to help robots navigate visually like humans. 


Population in the Cloud

Vir-Pop provides IMmersive, Personalized and Adaptive Conversation Technologies (IMPACT) for realistic virtual conversations. They enable more naturalistic digital communication across multiple domains, augmenting each user’s experience through a plethora of artificial intelligence (AI) and deep tech-driven platforms.

Download the Run 3 Lift-Off Day programme booklet and factsheets for more information about each team.

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