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Market Analysis, Knowledge Experimentation

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A unique opportunity to learn how to “hack” NUS IP to build your own deep tech start-up; led by industry veterans and guided by the most experienced faculty members

Part of the NUS Resilience and Growth (R&G) Initiative – Entrepreneurship Traineeship Programme, GRIP MAKE is a platform for recent NUS graduates (bachelor’s and post-grads) to transform NUS research into deep tech start-ups.

A systematic opportunity-discovery approach

A systematic opportunity-discovery approach

Month 1: Value Proposition Design (based on Design Thinking)
Month 2: Business Model Design
Month 3: MVP & Prototyping Building

Guided by a dedicated Commercial Champion (business mentor) throughout the programme, and supported by Master Engineers on MVP development

Getting started

Apply in a team of three to four members for the R&G Entrepreneurship Track.
• All team members must meet the NUS R&G eligibility criteria (R&G benefits would also apply).
At least one member must have completed the NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC) Programme.
• More in the R&G Entrepreneurship FAQ

* Individuals or teams without NOC alumni can write to, and we will try our best to help in match-making.

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