Electronic Study Trip For Engagement & EnRichment (e-STEER)

The NUS Electronic Study Trip for Engagement and EnRichment (e-STEER) programme is a new global education initiative that offers a virtual overseas experience during this period of COVID-19 related travel restrictions. e-STEER is modelled after the STEER programme which is designed to familiarise undergraduates with the diverse socio-cultural-political-economic environments of new and fast-evolving regions through a mix of classroom-based learning and experiential site visits.

The objectives of e-STEER are to:

  • Engage students with virtual short term global programme;
  • Develop the mindshare of NUS students with regard to academic, professional opportunities in new and emerging markets during this period of Covid-19 related travel restrictions.

Click on the links below to learn more about our upcoming e-STEER programmes in 2021!

  • NUS e-STEER Sub-Saharan Africa 2021 (Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda and South Africa)
  • e-STEER Israel
Past e-STEER Programme
  • e-STEER Middle East