Safety FAQ


Q: How can I gain access to facilities?
A: Please click on the relevant links below to find out more.

Q: How do you register for the safety Awareness Training?
A: Please refer here for a detailed outline.

Q: How do I gain access to the radiation room?
A: If you have not attended the CeLS Safety Training, please follow the instructions here, and following that, proceed to fill in a radiation request form that can be found here.

Q: How is laboratory waste disposed in CeLS?
A: For more information, please refer to the Integrated Laboratory Waste Disposal System tab (TBA).

Q: How do I get new plastic carboy to store waste?
A: Plastic carboys will be issued out during chemical waste disposal or simply request it from the LSI Safety Team.

Q: Who do I approach regarding safety- related queries?
A: Please look for your safety leads in your departments or you can approach the LSI Safety Team at Level 5, LSI Office.

Q: Where do I get safety labels and stickers?
A: You may get them from the safety corner at Level 5, LSI Office.