Dr Yang Zheng


Yang Zheng
Senior Research Fellow, NUS Tissue Engineering Program
Life Sciences Institute
Tel: 65165398
Email: lsiyz@nus.edu.sg

What are your present research interests?

My research interest is in the repair of articular cartilage with the use of adult stem cells and primary chondrocytes. The focus is on the investigation and mechanistic understanding of the various microenvironmental cues, and biophysical stimulation, in directing stem cell and chondrocyte cartilage formation.

Do you have a distinctive viewpoint to your research?

For effective cell-based therapy for cartilage regeneration, it is important to understand the complexity of the cartilage tissue, and the biological difference between stem cells and primary chondrocytes, so to provide microenvironment with appropriate biochemical, biophysical and mechanical cue catering to specific cell types for optimise tissue formation.

What do you see as your future research directions?

With collaborative efforts, the aim is to develop novel translational treatment to improve functional cartilage regeneration.

Does your laboratory have a particularly strong research expertise?

Our team consists of research scientists and orthopaedic surgeons in the field of cartilage research and regeneration. We actively collaborate with researchers and engineers with different disciplinary expertise to incorporate novel techniques for the translational application to cartilage repair.

Recent Publications

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3. Yin L, Wu Y, Yang Z, Tee CA, Denslin V, Lai Z, Lim CT, Lee EH, Han J. Microfluidic label-free selection of mesenchymal stem cell subpopulation during culture expansion extends the chondrogenic potential in vitro. Lab Chip. 2018 Mar 13;18(6):878-889.

4. Yin L*, Wu Y*, Yang Z*, Denslin V, Ren X, Tee CA, Lai Z, Lim CT, Han J, Lee EH. Characterization and application of size-sorted zonal chondrocytes for articular cartilage regeneration. Biomaterials. 2018 May;165:66-78.

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