NERI celebrates Deepavali

Oct 2019

This year’s Deepavali holiday presents an opportunity for NERI Welfare Committee to organise a Deepavali get-together celebration for staff and researchers.   Led by Indian PIs and researchers, the Committee put together a programme which allowed NERI’s colleagues to learn and understand more about Indian cultures and customs.

To begin, participants were greeted with the traditional festive Indian sweets and snacks upon arrival at the event venue. A henna station was setup and manned by fellow researchers to assist colleagues who are game enough to try out henna art on their arms.


Emcees for the day, Abhimanyu and Debirupa, kicked off the event proper in the dance studio by inviting Prof Ng, NERI Director, to give a welcome address.  Prof Ng encouraged colleagues to unwind and enjoy the celebration. After his speech, Abhimanyu and Debirupa shared a documentary video presentation about Deepavali and how it is celebrated in a traditional way.


After the presentation, the audience was invited to participate in a Rangoli competition. Colleagues were split into different teams, using their creativity to come up with their own version of Rangoli art on the floor board using materials such as coloured rice, sand and/or flower petals.


In just over 45 minutes, each team presented their own version of Rangoli art. The panel of judges comprising of Prof Ng, Prof Sanjay and Prof Lee had a tough time in selecting the best team.  In the end, the judges decided to award prizes to the top three teams.