NERI’s Brown Bag Lunch Talk Series resumes in 2019

Apr 2019


On 16 April 2019, NERI’s 2019 Brown Bag Lunch Talk Series kicked off with the first industry partner; Thermo Fisher Scientific sharing about their molecular spectroscopy; the Raman microscopy as one of the powerful tools for the identification, characterization and quantification of microplastics in our environment.

Environmental sustainability, in particular on plastic waste management, is currently one of the foremost concerns. Plastic waste in the form of microplastics (<5 mm diameter) have already been found in our environment and food chain and their impact on the global ecosystem pertaining to human, flora and fauna are extensively studied by many researchers.

Through the talk, the researchers gathered knowledge on sample preparation, pre-treatment, post-treatment and analyse microplastics from different microplastics sources such as bottled water, ocean, industry waste streams etc.


In the later part of the talk, Thermo Fisher Scientific expertise introduced the combustion ion chromatography for analyzing organohalogens in wastewater, which are commonly found in synthetic chemicals. Due to their persistence in the environment and bioaccumulative nature, these well-known environmental contaminants caused environmental damages and harmful biological effects on the global ecosystem. NERI’s researchers benefited through learning about the challenges and also the precise and accurate processes of separating and measuring organohalogens in wastewater.

The brown bag lunch talk ended with our researchers having informal discussions on the topics presented.