Reconnecting with the “Crew” after COVID

Picture 1

NERI core staff group photo at the USS entrance

The Bingo Race organized by NERI Welfare Team for core staff took place at the Universal Studio Singapore (USS), Sentosa on 26 Aug 2022. Despite the occasional heavy downpour and gloomy sky, the moods of NERI’s core staff were not dampened as this was their first outdoor activity since the lifting of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.
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Picture 3

Team 1 and Team 2 Group Photos

Starting with a company lunch at Resort World Sentosa, each staff took the chance to interact and learn more about their other colleagues in a casual and relaxed setting. The pandemic had beyond doubt decreased in-person meetups and interactions among the staff. While dining over conversations, time flew past so quickly, and soon, it was time to begin the long-awaited Bingo Race!
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Picture 5

Team 3 and Team 4 Group Photos

Loaded with energy, NERI core staff were randomly divided into four teams. Each team received their unique bingo cards and quickly embarked on their race inside USS. This fun-filled event kept everyone’s spirit high throughout. Members of the different teams were seen running and chasing after their targets excitedly, striving to be the first to complete the Bingo Race.
Picture 6
Picture 7

Each team carries out its missions and strives to be the first to complete the race!

Although it was only a short 5 hours event, this first outdoor activity undeniably strengthened the bonds between the staff again. Each and every individual had left the event with beautiful memories engraved in their minds.
Reported by:
Ms Joceleen Chin, Welfare Committee
5 Dec 2022