Alumni Giving

As an alumnus your gift can help pass on NUS’ legacy of excellence, and provide your juniors with diverse learning opportunities that will equip them for a fast-changing world.

Giving News

Shopee Engineer Keeps Paying It Forward

With time freed up to be at school instead of taking up part-time work, Ms Won found that she could fully immerse herself in university life

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With Gratitude

"I hope you recognise that your gift is not just a number, but it is a lifeline for someone; someone like me"

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Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Ee Peng Liang Scholarship Recipient is working towards a more caring society

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I benefited from NUS and this is the little bit that I can do for my alma mater. Those who have walked through the door of opportunity should turn back and hold it open for others to pass through.

– Mr Teo Yi-Dar (’96), Annual Giving donor